My horses LOVE the new pelleted California Trace. Their thick winter coats have a velvety glow this year. We have an Appy whose black parts used to have a reddish-brown cast in summer, but this summer his blacks stayed completely black... really nice. - Robin Rosenthal, documentary filmmaker, "On the Muscle: Portrait of a Thoroughbred Racing Stable"



Below: I finally got my horse Rumi on your California Trace minerals and there has been a dramatic difference. All those bald spots from bites and kicks that occured two years ago have disappeared with new hair. The minerals are worth it because my Rumi's hooves are gorgeous, as well as the fact that the minerals killed off what thrush was left. Wow! —Tessa Ramsay


Below: After years of trying various supplements without the desired results, I was quite skeptical when it was suggested I try California Trace. The glossy sheen to my horses' coats and the improved hoof quality have made me a believer. My stallion DreamCatcher Alshain has been complimented by judges not only on his beautiful coat, but on his wonderful, barefoot hooves. A large part of our success in the show ring can be attributed to California Trace. Thank you, Sally and California Trace! Dream Catcher Arabians

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I am the horse manager for an Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) program in Northern California. Our geriatric horses need a lot of TLC and California Trace helps me to maintain their health inside and out. California Trace has made a significant improvement in the quality our horses' coats. We live in a very dry and rocky environment, so strong healthy hooves are essential for our equine friends. California Trace has helped maintain healthy hooves with better growth. I would recommend California Trace to all horse owners, especially those with geriatric equine friends. —Chris Latouche, Handi-Riders Horse Manager



Since the California Trace minerals were first available all my personal horses have been on them. As a trainer with many horses competing heavily on the show circuit, I recommend all my clients keep their horses on the minerals; every show horse gets them as part of their routine diet. Each and every horse on the minerals is unbelievably healthy with coats that glow, and their performance results have been amazing, taking home blue and championship ribbons at virtually every show. My warmblood stallion is competing barefoot in the jumper ring and has yet to take a bad step in any kind of footing. The minerals give my horses what they need to outperform the competition. —Liz Gioja, Pair of Aces Stables

BELOW: This is Maestro, a 4-year-old Arabian gelding with a suspected case of equine vitiligo (also called Arabian Fading Syndrome or Pinky Syndrome). Maestro began to develop pink spots on his muzzle and eyes over a period of a couple of months. There have been some studies and evidence suggesting a mineral imbalance or deficiency — especially of copper — can cause or exacerbate the pigment loss, so I suggested that his owner try supplementing with CA Trace. The first photo was taken in Sept '09, at the start of the supplement, the second was Nov '09 after two months on CA Trace. As you can see, his pigment returned quickly and his owner is very happy!

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BELOW: I took these photos of Hamra this afternoon. He definitely has a glow about him :-) He is the shiniest he has ever been. I never expected there to be such a big difference. This morning I was complimented, again (by a total stranger) on my "shiny" horse. —Desiree Wadsorth, East London, South Africa


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